Wuhan, PRC
中國 武漢

This project asked to explore the potential of this corner site in city center. The site is split by a pedestrian corridor which is flanked on both sides by retail podium blocks. Soaring above are office towers clad in a two facade skins – protective and solid from outside, delicate and transparent from inside. This design concept was inspired by famous gem stone – Amethyst. Hotel, Residential towers & SOHO units are proposed for the site in an effort to boost the community on site.
項目位於市中心的一街角地塊 。設計在地塊中間佈置了一條行人通道,兩旁設置商業裙樓,形成一條商業街。辦公塔樓設於裙樓之上,採用了兩種折然不同的立面處理方式:外向立面以堅實、具保護性的表現方式;而內向立面則以通透細膩的方式表現, 像紫水晶的結構一樣。項目亦包括酒店和soho公寓。