The project is an alteration and addition works of the existing Jing Ying Plaza outside Wu Nan Television Building, in order to accommodate 3000 car parking spaces, F&B and entertainment facilities, as well as a employee’s recreational club, with a total GFA of approximately 125000 sqm. The plaza was designed as as a green carpet which slowly rises from ground from east to west, where extra underground spaces could be created to accommodate all functional needs, without adding to the cost of basement excavation, and at the same time maintaining a high level of green coverage as a public city garden.

項目為金鷹影視文化城金鷹廣場的擴建和改建項目, 以集停車、就餐、休閒娛樂、職工活動等功能於一體的下沉式廣場為主要功能。需停放車輛3000輛以上, 另包括職工活動中心約10000平方米、餐飲休閒娛樂約為8000平方米。設計以具前瞻性、大膽創新的思維,把用地想像為一塊從地面緩緩上升的綠地毯,創 造出額外的’地下空間’面積, 而同時能維持只開挖地下三層的成本控制考慮。