Envisioned as a cultural resource for local community, tourists and visitors, it is essential to make a bold architectural statement, and serve as a landmark but tied into Helsinki urban tissue.
Explicitly designed structure respectfully sets contrast with surroundings by juxtaposition of static and dramatic, solid and transparent elements. Rotated main facade meets with the city grid on north. This dynamic articulation at the merging point of two dominant grids, emphasises new created urban plaza.
Main entrance is topped by a soaring “Helsinki Gallery”, enclosed in signature wooden lattice. The airy structure floats, folds and overhangs into a dramatic courtesy that protects visitors as they enter the building. From the main lobby, visitors walk to “Grand Staircase” – circulation and exhibition space, encased in glass and wood structure, system of wooden ramps and stairs that leads through the museum, culminating at the “Helsinki Gallery” providing dramatic opening towards city skyline.

項目為赫爾辛基古根海姆博物館設計比賽的參賽方案。設計⼤膽把結構顯現於立面,與周邊環境形成一有趣的強烈對比,並表現出動靜及虛實的互動。由博物​​館大廳出發,遊客會經過一宏⼤大的階梯而到達各展廳。 走道及展廳以玻離及木結構作圍合。 一系列縱橫交錯的木樓梯和木坡道穿梭整個博物館,並帶領遊客到最終的赫爾辛基展廳,欣賞⼲⼴廣闊的城市天際線。