Wuhan, PRC
中國 武漢

The plaza and shopping streets are fully covered allowing for round-year activities in comfort. Amazing light displays during evening promote the site not only on ground but can be seen from surrounding in proximity. From north-east to south-west, podium is cut to create shortcut link, encouraging pedestrian use of the development. Retail component is complimented by 150m tall office/serviced apartment tower and flanked by apartment buildings and hotel that are positioned at the site perimeter.
設計以打造全日活動中心為重點。廣場和商業街為有遮蓋設計, 在任何氣候還境下都可使用。在外牆亦特別計了燈光效果,使項目在夜間也能清晰可見,成為焦點。設計特意加入一條行人捷徑, 從東北角一直通到西南角,以便引入人流, 匯聚人氣。除商業部分外,項目亦包括150米高的辦公和服務式住宅。