HONDA 廣汽本田

New Honda Dealer Pavilion 广汽本田特约店

1st Runner-Up New Honda Dealer Pavilion


We were asked for new vision of HONDA dealer buildings that would enhance image and create strong brand identity. It is always easiest to understand a automobile brand’s design philosophy by looking at its concept car design. Although the brand is also adopting a streamline design such as other automobile brands do, however, one can discover from the details that HONDA’s design is creating a more unique expression of streamline dynamics.Our design focuses on the possibilities of transforming from a flat surface to curved surfaces, and the seamless connections between the straight sections and the curved connectors. Total GFA: 6000m²

從品牌的概念車往往最能體會產品的特色和品牌的設計理念。品 牌的設計雖然和其他品牌一樣採流線形設計,但從細節上可見’廣汽HONDA’ 之流線型體現是比較有特色的、不是單單彩用全曲面或全彎線,而是比較著重塑造直面到曲面轉折位的可能性、及直線於曲線間的無縫連接。特約店的設計將延續這 特色的產品設計細節。項目建築面積約6000平方米。