The project is situated in a commercial building of a redeveloping district, while the floor with the higher clear height is used as the main hall; the other floor consists of activity rooms, offices, kitchen and a praying room. The curtain usage which originated from the previous church interior project is further extended to the ceiling above the entire main hall to create a soft space which diffuses the lighting to create a balanced effect. The main challenge of this project is the placement of a baptism pool inside the main hall which is only used for 2 times during the year; the pool must accommodate 3 people including the pastor, a helper and the person being baptized. As the low usage of the pool during the year, it must be hidden inside the hall without being a hinder to weekly services. It is designed right underneath the main steel cross with fresh water outlet behind the steel cross as to signify the origin of God’s presence during the baptism. As being symmetrical is also a major requirement of the project which the original plan of the hall is highly asymmetrical, a curtain is being used to create a symmetrical space that also provides the flexibility of usage during baptism. 830 sq.m

該項目位于一個重點重建區中的一幢商業大廈里,其中分為2層。層高較高的設計為禮堂,另外一層放置活動室,辦公室,廚房和一個祈禱室。布簾的使用參照之前的教會的設計并且進一步擴大到整個禮堂上方的天花板。這樣營造出柔和的空間并且可以擴散燈光來創造一個平衡的效果。該項目的主要挑戰是主會場內放置一年才使用2次的洗禮池,池內必須容納3人,其中包括牧師,一個助手和受洗的人。由于洗禮池的使用率偏低,它必須被藏在禮堂里面而不得阻礙每周崇拜等使用功能。所以把它放在鋼造十字架的下面,十字架后面則為出水口,以此來表示的洗禮的起源來自神。業主也要求講臺兩邊必須是相對對稱的設計,對原來不對稱的建筑輪廓也是一個挑戰,所以設計上利用布簾用來創建一個對稱的禮堂背景,還提供了洗禮使用上的靈活性。 室內面積830平方米。