Shaoguan PRC 中國韶關

A central park is designed to connect the various architectural components of the master plan via beautiful gardens and park spaces that will attract people from around the entire city. The interior of the land plot is dedicated to green space and has been slit with a sunken garden level that is exclusive to the residential tenants.

The commercial high rise building is located at the main boulevard at the southern edge of the site. By situating the tower off of the main corner a secondary main retail frontage is created while allowing for an internalized drop-off for the hotel adjacent to the park. Anchored to the shopping centre podium, the geometry of the tower folds up dynamically from the main entrances creating a landmark visible throughout the city.

Total GFA of approx 520,000 sq meters

設 計以中央庭園把不同建築部份串連起來,並從城市引進人流。地塊中央部份均被劃作綠地, 並劃分為兩個不同高度的花園: 一個私人的下沉花園及於上方的公共庭園。超高層塔樓位於地塊南面。設計特意把塔樓放到較中間位置,並加入廣場空間,多創造了一個商業立面。塔樓造型設計延 續了裙樓的幾何造型及線條, 動態的折面從各出入口開始,經過裙樓頂部一直延伸到塔樓,把各部份自然有機地連接起來,創建出地標性建築。