Area B9B, International Exhibition Centre
Wuhan, PRC 中國武漢

The project is located in a new district in Wuhan next to the international exhibition centre, and is in close proximity to the Yangtze River on its east, and includes 35 residential towers, 1 hotel, 2 service apartments, a podium retail mall and a 750m long commercial shopping street, with a total GFA of 715000 m2. The task was to design the commercial components in the area. The proposed design uses interweaving lines and folded surfaces in different building components and landscape features to create a feeling of continuous water flow and to link up all commercial components together.

項目位於武漢的博覽新區,比鄰長江河。項 目包括35座住宅樓、1座酒店、2座服務式住宅、裙樓商場及750米長的商業街。總面積達715000平方米。任務為設計項目的公建部份。設計利用交織線 和折面來組成不同的建築構件及規劃園林設計,像流水瀑布一樣,把不同部份串連起來,成為一體化的規劃設計。